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Covering Black Friday and holiday shopping: Resources for journalists


Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is widely regarded as the start of the winter holiday shopping season in the United States. Each November, newsrooms gear up to cover this annual rite of retail, dispatching journalists in the early morning to shopping malls and discount stores to help report on the frenzied — and sometimes violent — competition for the best deals of the day.

Covering food policy and the Farm Bill: Insights from author Michael Pollan


Author Michael Pollan discussed the Farm Bill’s far-reaching impact on the U.S. food system and the environment, how journalists can better cover food policy, and more during a visit to Harvard’s Shorenstein Center on Media Politics and Public Policy. Below are the highlights:

Farmed versus wild salmon: Research review


Evidenced by the rapidly growing salmon-farm industry, salmon is one of the world’s most popular fish. The volume of farmed Atlantic salmon increased almost 1,000 percent between 1990 and 2015, according to United Nations statistics; 75 percent of all the salmon we eat is farm-raised. Wild-caught salmon, meanwhile, has become a luxury; it’s harder to find and generally more expensive.

28% of Swiss dentists recommend unnecessary fillings


When it comes to your health, your doctor usually has an information advantage. She knows about treatment options, which options are appropriate and what those treatments cost. You rely on her to make recommendations. Even after treatment, you may not know if the course of action was the best available, how well it worked, or if the cost was justified.

Researchers in Switzerland found that a significant number of local dentists abuse this relationship.