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Harvard professor Starts Mayday PAC

Mayday PAC is a crowd-funded political action committee in the United States created by Harvard Law School professor and activist Lawrence Lessig to elect candidates to the United States Congress to pass campaign finance reform.

Although a report in Time noted there was tremendous opposition to substantive reform from both political parties, Mayday PAC will try to raise funds to unseat five congresspersons who are on the "wrong side of this issue" in 2014, according to Lessig. The PAC and its associated website, Mayday.US, whose purpose is to "end the disproportionate influence of all SuperPACs", raised $1.1 million in the first thirteen days, surpassing its self-imposed goal. The PAC plans to raise $12 million by the end of June 2014, by raising $5 million which is boosted by matching contributions. To generate media attention, Lessig led 200 people on a walk from Dixville Notch to Nashua in the state of New Hampshire, stopping at coffee shops and small events to talk with people about money in politics; further walks are planned.