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Digital contact tracing and the coronavirus pandemic: 5 studies to know


Until there’s a vaccine for the new coronavirus, infectious disease professionals point to digital contact tracing as a key way for authorities to safely lift lockdowns and begin cauterizing the economic, mental health and other personal trauma the pandemic is inflicting on millions of people worldwide.

Covering research preprints amid the coronavirus: 6 things to know


As a new coronavirus spreads across continents, numerous biomedical researchers have turned their focus to the pandemic and its impacts. Online publishing platforms are helping them share what they’ve learned quickly so medical professionals, government leaders and others can respond more quickly to prevent, treat and control infections.

Mental health and infectious outbreaks: Insights for coronavirus coverage


Government officials and public health leaders worldwide have worked around the clock battling the new coronavirus. Meanwhile, another pandemic requires their attention — the anxiety, depression, grief and fear that spread across communities as the death toll rises and schools, businesses and public places close to prevent COVID-19 infections.