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Reporting on colleges' finances amid the coronavirus: 6 tips from Moody's


Colleges across the country face deep financial losses after the coronavirus forced school officials to shutter campuses and cancel events. Administrators worry their money troubles will only get worse if enrollment, government funding and other sources of revenue continue to fall amid a likely recession.

Federal tax evasion: Why it matters and who does it


Every tax season people try to get out of paying the full share of what they owe the U.S. government in income taxes. The Internal Revenue service usually starts accepting tax returns in late January and returns typically need to be filed by April 15. Here are a few ins and outs of federal tax evasion — why it matters, why people do it and how they do it.

New economic shock model estimates reverberations from Trump tariffs


Houses are built to stay upright. We eat in them, sleep in them, we produce trash that goes out, and we purchase goods that come in. But when there’s an earthquake, houses that are less structurally sound may collapse. If the house is destroyed, the normal equilibrium of things going in and out changes. New products and services are brought in to rebuild the house. Old products and services become less essential for a time.

The old balance gives way to a new normal.