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Covering Alex Jones: Tips for reporting on "de-platformed" public figures


InfoWars host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones made headlines recently when technology companies, including Facebook and YouTube, decided to remove his content from their online platforms.

These platforms deemed Jones in violation of their policies, such as community standards that prohibit content that glorifies violence.

6 studies on digital news and social media you should know about


It’s difficult to choose which research articles to spotlight here as the most interesting or compelling — because scholars are doing so much interesting and compelling work. They’re continually asking tough questions to try to understand problems and trends within the digital news/social media space.

11 questions journalists should ask about public opinion polls


Regardless of beat, journalists often write about public opinion polls, which are designed to measure the public’s attitudes about an issue or idea. Some of the most high-profile polls center on elections and politics. Newsrooms tend to follow these polls closely to see which candidates are ahead, who’s most likely to win and what issues voters feel most strongly about.