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Trump Special Interests

Once upon a time, @realdonaldtrump used to rally against the influence of wealthy special interests in American politics and touted that his campaign was largely self-funded. Now the @POTUS swamp is overflowing with special interests and his rallies totally ignore this fact, during this seemingly neverending act. 

Trumps Ethics

POTUS ethical standards have reached an all-time low. They are lower than any of the American presidents elected over the past 50 years.

Some say Trump's ethics are lower than Richard Nixon's, and most folks know what happened to that Republican President.

Trumps Abuse Of Power

Trump, along with his Cabinet, and his administration's top officials have unfortunately abused their power far worse than any of his predecessors.

@POTUS is so far viewed as having abused his power more than Richard Nixon, who resigned when faced with impeachment.

Trumps Waste of Funds and Prevoius Government Accomplishents

This is about how buff and built out the government used to be But Putin/trump wanted lots of layoffs etc. Basically killed governmental oak trees that had been living for hundreds of years.

Also, he has spent 167 US $ million so far on family travel etc

He has no respect for our country of mostly poor and middle-class people

Who have to work at just buying a 167$ airplane ticket (1 million times less than 167 million)

Trumps Fitness to Serve

POTUS America First could be seen as a militaristic regimen. The president who promises to make America great again publicly revels in his sedentariness and poor eating habits. Throughout his campaign, Trump was outspoken about his appreciation for fast food, tweeting pictures of himself downing junk food on his plane. Aside from some strenuous handshakes, the only physical activity Trump engages in is golf. He’s claimed that giving speeches is an exercise. He’s said his friends who workout are having knee replacements, hip replacements.

Trumps Emotional Intelligence - EQ

POTUS taps into the deep emotional needs of Americans who feel defeated and powerless to stop the changing demographics of the country, the government inaction, and the growing economic divide.

However, Presidents must be disciplined, control emotions, and act only after reflection and careful deliberation. Trump has shown over and again that he lacks the temperament to be President.