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What the research says about border walls and barriers


As American lawmakers argue over whether to fund a wall along the United States’ southwestern border, the federal government has moved ahead with plans to replace some of the fencing it built there years ago with a 30-foot-tall steel bollard wall. Meanwhile, a growing number of countries worldwide have built border walls and other barriers to try to control the flow of people and goods.

Adults with kids might be less happy because of high cost of raising them


Adults report being less satisfied with their lives when they have children and those with stepchildren are even less happy, finds new research that looks at adult wellbeing across more than 30 European countries.

The happiest adults, according to the survey data the researchers examined: single ones who live with a partner but no kids.

Part-time work adjustments big drivers of lost hours during recessions


When the economy enters a recession, pundits are quick to trot out unemployment numbers to argue about the health of the economy or the success of the government’s response.

Of course, job loss should be front and center when talking about the economy, but companies have more options than just hiring and firing employees.