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Republican War Against Workers

American workers should take heart in remembering our country’s history.

The Great Depression was the darkest days all for American workers, which led to unprecedented solidarity and demand for change

The Republicans plan to cut Social Security hurts all Americans by making it increasingly difficult to collect all the SS benefits we have earned with our paychecks.

Republican War Against Women

Women have always had it more difficult than men. Look back at Republican Donald Trump bragging about sexual assault to many aspects of Western culture and society. American women's rights are stripped away. Title IX's application in college sexual-assault cases was dialed back. The Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood which provides countless non-abortion medical procedures. The GOP supports legislation to ban abortion after 20 weeks, and a majority of late-term abortions are performed after health concerns for the mother, the fetus, or both.

Republican War On Unions

The GOP fears whenever workers are able to bargain collectively and seize power in their workplaces, claiming this is a bad thing, not a good thing. 

Republicans know that unions are one of the Democratic Party’s key sources of funding and organizing, so if they can be destroyed it means Democrats will be weaker.

Republican War Against Trumps Tarrifs

The GOP is criticizing #Trump's tariff policies, which erupted into a full-fledged trade war with China.

Republican leaders are cool a bill to limit President Donald Trump's ability to impose tariffs, which would likely have to overcome a veto.

Trump threatened more tariffs, while the U.S. already faces retaliation from Canada, Mexico, European Union, and other allies.