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Republican War Against Trumps Tarrifs

The GOP is criticizing #Trump's tariff policies, which erupted into a full-fledged trade war with China.

Republican leaders are cool a bill to limit President Donald Trump's ability to impose tariffs, which would likely have to overcome a veto.

Trump threatened more tariffs, while the U.S. already faces retaliation from Canada, Mexico, European Union, and other allies.

Republican War Against Taxes

The wealthy do not like to pay taxes, so the Republican focus of the IRS from implementation distracts from developing new forms needed to determine how much taxpayers owe. It also hinders examinations and enforcement, which have suffered as appropriations have dwindled, as shown by reduced audit rates.

Republican War Against The Poor

To stop the GOP War on Poor People, we need a moral movement. We need good jobs that pay a living wage.

We need an accurate assessment of who is poor based on adequate housing, health care, water, sanitation, child care, sufficient wages and how poverty goes hand in hand with social forces such as racism, militarism and environmental destruction.

Republican War Against The DOJ

The Republicans do not trust DOJ, FBI, on The Mueller investigation. They do trust POTUS notwithstanding bankruptcies, fraud settlements, admitted sexual assaults, the litany of lies about everything from attacks on Americans to approval ratings.

Attempts to save Trump in the Russia probe to poll numbers indicating GOP voters would, indeed, support him even if he shot somebody, the party implicitly insists this self-interested individual is a good man.