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Trumps Empathy Deficit

Empathy a part of leadership and Trump could use a dash. Empathy is the ability to walk a mile in the shoes of another to see the world from their point of view. Though both words have roots in the Greek pathos or suffering, empathy is not the same thing as sympathy, which involves feeling sorry for someone from an external point of view.

Trumps War Against Silicon Valley

The president's battle against Silicon Valley might be creating an opening for a foreign power to invest in artificial intelligence

Trump has been relentlessly attacking Silicon Valley's leading tech companies, including Amazon, Google, and Twitter.

Meanwhile, a divide between D.C. and Silicon Valley threatens a serious partnership that will be critical to our future.

Trumps War Against Regulations

President Trump may be steering the federal government in a different direction.

The #USA is at war with the POTUS44 regulatory strategy aimed at rolling back Obama-era rules and shutting down the pipeline of new regulations, but observers say the longer-term goal appears to be overhauling the regulatory process itself.